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Mike C

“Grateful for all that we learned, the strength and power we built and how you prepared us to better take on the world each week.”   

JaNelle B

“As I’m sitting on my yoga mat this morning, I just want to tell you how inspiring you have been to me and helpful in getting me more active.” 

Sam D

“I love being on the mat with Jennifer. She empowers me!”

Kristi H

"Jennifer Meyer is such a fantastic yoga teacher who is so full of life!  She is very intuitive at noticing what her clients need in the moment and how to help them adapt poses and movements as needed.  Jennifer also always integrates interoception/body awareness into her sessions, helping to keep one present and aware of their body.  I started taking classes from her on a weekly basis during the pandemic and continued after.  She has really helped me to maintain and grow in my mental and physical health, for which I am eternally grateful."

Carrie S

“Jennifer, I want to tell you how much I love your classes. Your classes always leave me feeling renewed and energized for the day. You are an excellent creative teacher.”

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