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Practicing during Covid-19

Updated: May 25, 2020

The question is, how do we do it? Yoga studios often become places of solace from our daily lives. We squeeze in a visit after dropping the kids off, we bring visiting relatives along to show them our world, we keep it our secret yet at the same time we want to share our secret! Most importantly, we make it a space for ourselves to find comfort and calm amidst the chaos of everyday life. During this pandemic, almost all studios are shut down. The studio I teach at, Soul Yoga, is closed down as well. Naturally, during this time, it is crucial to be safe and limit contact with people. Because of this, most studios have taken to teaching online. Although effective in a basic sense, the online classes can also be slow, impersonal and restrictive. On the other hand, on-line yoga is super flexible and makes it easy to hop into a class, which is super appealing and conducive to the SIP. Nevertheless, one of the reasons I'm opening up my private practice is to give back that, "energy" - the same feeling you experience in a studio without the risks of disease spreading. I also enjoy teaching in person and, quite frankly, miss people. The barn is large enough to have multiple people in it- each over six feet apart- and all surfaces are regularly sanitized. It is important to me, as someone with a large family, that we all remain safe and happy while continuing our personal journeys.

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